Welcome Beloved. 

Many do feel they are being tested right now.  You may choose to experience this time as a test if you prefer.  It can also be experienced as an initiation, a welcoming, an opportunity to move the parts necessary for you to be where you need to be—energetically, physically, and spiritually. 

We see this as a great time of opportunity, and we welcome you to embrace and trust.

Your paths are being cleared, and doors are being opened.  In some instances, a door must be closed for you to turn to see the others that are open. 

The invitation is there, it is for each of you to decide both if you want to walk through the door and how you move through it.

We invite you to see this as a joyful time of opportunity to usher forward the lifting and connection that is available right now.  Help, guidance, light, and love are all around you.  As is shadow, darkness, and fear.  This is the necessary balance and duality of your time and place in this dimensional space.  You always have choice, and the duality of your world exists to provide choice and free will.

Creation and manifestation are the outcomes of intention and energy.  You are all masters of manifestation; this is just a time in space where you have clarity to see what you are manifesting.  We are clearing away the barriers that kept this knowing shrouded for some time.  The shrouds have been necessary and are now no longer needed.

It is not the master chess game of anyone other than yourselves, your highest self and intention.  You set your destination and are now on the journey and in the experience you intended.  You are a part of the whole, separate and together.    

My beloved, the time for you to maintain patience is drawing to an end.  Your soul’s desire is drawing you closer as you understand your path is perfect, you are exactly where you need to be doing what you intended to do/be/create/experience.  Your moment is perfectly aligned in your intentions.  This is the creation of your heart’s desire, your soul’s intent and there is nothing but love and joy and purpose in what is ahead of you.  You have everything you need available.  The energy, opportunities, and ability to create are endless. 

This is not a message many will embrace joyfully. Many will be manifesting very different experiences at this time.  Many will manifest illness to draw forward the opportunity to bring focus, healing, and awareness to the healing they need.  We invite you to hear the gentle whispers, feel the nudges to turn, and see what else is around them.  You have endless opportunities to create and manifest—it is your free will to do so at any time.  All is in purpose. 

My beloved your light is spectacular.  You are more special than you know.  We are honored to be with you in this time and space.  We honor you and the intentions you bring into this sacred time.  

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