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MindfulYou Centers were created with healing in mind. We treat individuals, teens, children as young as 5, Couples, and Families. You can receive traditional psychotherapy specializing in each individual therapist’s areas of expertise such as Mindfulness Based Therapy, DBT, CBT, Positive Psychology, among many others; or you may prefer an alternative approach to your healing path to include somatic trauma work, Reiki treatments, meditation practices or Native American healing and more. Call our office to schedule and intake appointment with one of our specialized therapists and coaches. You will be glad you decided to embark on your road to healing!

Come learn mindfulness techniques such as the STOP technique and 4, 7, 8 breathing or enroll in one of our Native American healing classes or Shamanic practices. If it is body healing that you are seeking, Reiki treatments are relaxing and de-stressing, let MindfulYou staff help you and your family reach a place of peace, happiness and joy.


Yessica Avancena, LMFT, MBA, CMT

Yessica Avancena is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who also holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. She is the founder and CEO of MindfulYou Psychotherapy and Healing Center. Her intuitive work in the field of psychotherapy has incorporated cutting-edge Mindfulness practices with talk therapy to non-judgmentally walk along the path towards healing for her clients. She provides therapy for families, couples, children and adults as well as Mindfulness consulting and Executive Coaching. She also provides clinical supervision for her hand-picked Associate Clinicians. She is the creator of the Mindfulness App Mindful Minute which has a Mindfulness Masterclass and guided meditations that can be found in the app markets. www.themindfulminuteapp.com. In addition, she is a self-published author of children’s mindfulness storybooks. Please find her book I Am the Mindful Mountain on Amazon.


Barby Rodriguez, MS, AMFT

Barby earned her BA in Psychology and Child, Adolescent and Family Studies and then earned her MS in Counseling Psychology at CSUB. She has worked with kids, teens and adults both in a private and agency setting. She believes wellness is an ongoing journey that can at times be complicated, scary, exciting and with no specific road map. Her hope is to join you in those difficult moments and give you the space to set down the heavy baggage. She self-defines as a genuine, quirky individual who allows for space for laughs and celebration in the therapy room.

Fernando Garcia III, MS, AMFT

Fernando was born and raised in Bakersfield and holds a degree in Liberal Arts from Fresno Pacific University and a Master’s in Psychology from Humboldt State and also currently pursuing a Doctorate in Sport & Performance Psychology. He has worked as a Mental Performance Specialist for local sports teams and athletes. Fernando has a passion for sports psychology and working with the youth. He also successfully leads a private-practice with children, teens and adults.

Robyn Thompson, MS, AMFT

Robyn earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and English and Writing from CSUB and her Bachelor’s Degree in English and Psychology from Nelson Mandela University. She is originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa and she moved across the world to build a new life and pursue her goals of helping people through the growth and challenges of life. She considers herself an open and genuine person who can join you on your path, and “through curiosity and humor, support you in being a more genuine you”. She enjoys working with both adults and children blending together mindfulness practices and person-centered approaches. Robyn’s strengths lie in relating to cultural differences and adjustments, loss, fear and moving through grief.

Debbie Sansom,  Spiritual Intuitive Guide

Debbie Sansom serves as a Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Medium, Channel, and Meditation Guide. It is her joy and purpose to assist by bringing through messages of Love and Light to transform energy blockages through the Alchemy of the Violet Flame, awakening remembrance of the Divine Truth of Their Being. Mediumship connects others to their loved ones in Spirit for deep heart healing. Debbie is an experienced Reiki Master and offers Reiki Attunements at all levels. Incorporated also into sessions are crystals, Angelic color sound vibration, and essential oils.

Andrea Nehesi , MA, Spiritualist

Andrea Nehesi is a spiritualist with over 15 years of service in women’s healing arts and 20 years of practice as a multi-cultural interdisciplinary healing artist.  It is her mission to help women deepen their relationships with the Divine through sacred feminine healing arts and heart centered practices. Academically she holds a Master’s in Education and teaching credential.

She is a Sacred Woman Practitioner graduate of the Queen Afua Wellness Program and a Kemetic Reiki Practitioner certified by the Ra Sekhi Temple. Devoted to her ministry, Andrea serves as an ordained priestess in the Iseum of Quimera and in the Order of the Magdalene Mystery School.

Andrea offers education for women to learn techniques that integrate healing arts and ancestral reverence in their daily spiritual practice. Her primary ministry is the facilitation of Women’s Red Tents and the Lotus Vibes Drum Ensemble. As an educator, Andrea speaks at spiritual centers, universities, and community panels. In her own spiritual practice, Andrea offers songs of invocation, prayer, ritual dance, and mystical ceremonies to deepen her relationship with the Sacred Spirit.





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