Today you received the message about unplugging yourself.  It is an opportunity to consider what you are putting your attention and focus into.  You have many paths and opportunities in front of you.  Where are you going to spend your time, energy, and focus?  Because where you put these intentions and energy is where you create and manifest. 

Manifestation is the alchemy of intention and energy.  You are consciously and unconsciously manifesting in every moment.   You are being invited to consider more intentional opportunities to manifest your current reality.

New doors and choices are opening for you.  At times, you will feel fear as you quickly manifest opportunities. You ask yourself, do I really want this?  This is intentional—you often need to see something directly in front of you to feel it and experience it to know if it aligns with your highest intention.    Sometimes the answer is no, and the experience you are creating is one of making that choice and choosing no.

There are no wrong choices, only choices that bring you in different directions and manifest different consequences.  They may feel wrong for you as they have consequences that do not align with the intention you have created.

You are being called to intentionally focus yourself on the things that bring you greater light and energy, that raise the vibrational frequency of your being.

Your mind may naturally want to resist change or feel nervous.  You feel safe in what is familiar.  But your higher self and heart align to resonate with the light and frequency that is your soul calling.

Your ego mind is afraid and holding on to the structures that keep your life where it is right now.  Your ego mind is telling you are safe and comfortable and that you have everything you need.  You allow this fear to create a boundary around what you freely manifest.  It is time to break yourself free from these chains and allow Spirit to live widely and express freely in your being.

You have nothing to fear, as these are the intentions of your highest self and you have access to all that you need to manifest for yourself along the way.

Trust yourself and the process.

You are not always meant to have an easy go of things.  You may have to struggle to learn your strength, test your resilience, and understand the power you have within.  Blades are sharpened by being pushed up against something else.  Be reminded of the intention behind sharpening your blade.   Do not fall in love with the stone that shapes you.  Do not fall in love with the obstacle and hold tightly to it.  Allow the stone to serve its purpose, and remain focused on your intention and path. 

My beloved, you are trying too hard.  You have everything you need with you right now.  Allow this to flow, allow it to be, allow it to come naturally.  Don’t force and push, you will only frustrate yourself in trying.  Your path right now is one of trust and surrender.  The resistance and argument that come forward highlight the opportunity you are facing at this moment. 

Resist the instinct to pull away or resign.  You are being given a powerful lesson in experiencing what it means to be in grace right now. 

Yes, just sit with that statement and feel what it means to you. 

You are being given an opportunity to be in grace right now.

Let your mind be quiet and still and listen deeply within.  The voice is quiet and still.  It is not a presence that can be encountered by force or will.  It is a quiet place you gently walk alongside and get to know with ease, surrender, and peace.  You cannot ask anything of this place, the purpose is simply the experience of.  It is the now moment, it is the I AM presence. 

In love and in grace…