Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic Medium Readings

Dawn uses her psychic visions, hearing, intuitions and mediumship to call upon your souls spirit team to gain validations and messages for your souls highest good. Dawn can help assist you in remembering your divine personal path by channeling and illuminating past, present and future experiences that are of importance to your soul’s healing and transformation. Dawn channels the Divine Celestial influences in your life which consist of Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Loved ones that have passed and Ascended Masters. Dawn refers to these helpers as your “Spirit Team”. Giving you the gift of clarity for your soul’s highest good to help bring into fruition of your inward and outward healing, goals, soul purpose and divine future manifestations. Together we can co-create a life of the highest understanding of self without inner judgments. With her assistance you can walk into a space of love and transformation. Helping you to become a Conscious Co-Creator of your own destiny bringing balance to your life creating love, joy and peace into your surroundings. As we transform ourselves we help to transform our Mother Earth and the universal energetic flow for all.

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