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Reiki is a holistic system for balancing, healing, and harmonizing all aspects of the person – body, mind, emotions, and spirit – encouraging deep relaxation and the release of stress and tension and promoting awareness and spiritual growth. Reiki utilizes the Universal Life Force Energy that flows through the practitioner’s hand chakras from Source Energy to promote healing and wellness to the individual receiving the healing in Bakersfield, CA. Reiki helps to align and clear chakra or energy center blocks.

A Reiki Master has the highest level of training with regards to this modality and can both perform Reiki and teach it to others. Reiki Level 1 teaches the individual to do Reiki on themselves and loved ones. Reiki Level 2 allows the individual to also perform Reiki with others and be able to charge for the healing service. Look no further as MindfulYou offers Reiki and Reiki Training in Bakersfield, CA.

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