Shamanic Journey Facilitator

Shamanic Journey Facilitator

Dawn can help assist you on your personal healing journey as she talks and walks beside you through a meditative and guided  journey using many ancient modalities and elements of nature which include use of sacred herbs, oils, stones, chants, toning bowls, drums, animal totems as well as her voice. Walking you through space and time to locate that which has blocked your power mentally, physically and spiritually which can lead to breakdowns, negative manifestations and illnesses in your body and surroundings that leave you in a state of confusion, anger, depression and fear. 
Dawn uses her psychic intuitions and mediumship to call upon your souls spirit team to gain validations, messages and visions. Giving you clarity and help you locate and gain wisdom and forgiveness from your past positive and negative life experiences and guide you to use your past to make a positive transformation now and for your souls highest vibration for your future to harmonize and align to your souls highest good. Reminding you that everything is a Divine Orchestration of happenings created just for you. Awaken to your authentic self! Be Free…Be Love…Be YOU! 

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